Monday, 27 June 2016

Tatum Sherman - Essential Tips for Growing Your Business

Tatum Sherman is the successful business owner of Resource Referral, a staffing agency in New Jersey. She knows how hard it is to get a business off the ground, let alone growing it. Here are some essential tips to help you grow your business.

  • As a small-business owner, it is important to accept that you can’t do everything. While you have to become comfortable with wearing a lot of different hats, it doesn’t mean you have to, or should do everything in your company. You must know when to seek outside talent to help you manage some of the aspects of your business.
  • Don’t voice any doubts you may have about your business. Investors want to work with people that are confident in their abilities and their vision. While everyone has doubts and fears, you need to inspire confidence if you want to see your business grow.
  • You need to run the business you want, not the business you currently have. Until you are able to establish your reputation, you need to instill confidence in new clients.
  • You will need to get used to hearing the word “no.” As a new business owner, you are going to have to deal with a lot of rejection, from banks, customers, and prospective clients. Use the rejection as an opportunity to better your business.

Starting a new business venture is hard work and so is growing a business. Keep these key things in mind and you will soon find the business success you are looking for. Tatum Sherman is a successful businesswoman who continues to grow her business Resource Referral into a successful staffing agency in New Jersey.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Tatum Sherman - Writing a Great Business Plan

For Tatum Sherman, starting her own staffing agency was a dream. With hard work and a great business plan, she was able to make her dream come true. In order to clearly communicate your vision and ensure everyone is on the same page, you need a great business plan. It needs to be clear and provide a roadmap for your company. Here are five other tips to help you write a great business plan.
  • Get rid of the fluff. Remove any filler language and be as concise as you can. Fluff will get you nowhere and wastes valuable space. Be sure to get to the point quickly.
  • Be honest with yourself. You want to consider all challenges and opportunities for your business. If you have a strong idea, you need to let it stand on its merit.
  • Be conservative in your business plan. To show that you are conservative in your approach and projections, use plenty of examples.
  • Without overdoing it, use visuals when possible. To bring your concept to life, use charts, graphs, and images. These can also help your plan flow better by breaking up the text.
  • To stand out and grab investors’ attention, include creative elements in your plan. Doing something unique will help make your plan yours.
A business plan is crucial to the success of your business. Without a plan, you may find it harder to communicate your vision to investors and see your path to growing your business. Tatum Sherman has been running a successful staffing agency for several years and has placed thousands of individuals find employment.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tatum Sherman - Getting the Most Out of Your Staffing Agency

Businesses in New Jersey turn to Tatum Sherman when they are in need of filling open positions within their company. As the owner of Resource Referral, a successful staffing agency, Tatum Sherman has helped match thousands of professionals with open positions in companies throughout the area. Here are four things you can do to maximize your company’s experience with a staffing agency.'

1.When you work with a staffing agency, be sure to work with one that specializes in the type of staff you need. They often have a better idea of the candidate marketplace in your industry and area. This can help them to effectively evaluate all candidate’s experience and skills. 

2.It is important to speak with a staffing manager directly instead of relying on email. Provide them with a job description that describes the position’s responsibilities completely. This allows the recruiter to know the skills the right candidate must possess. 

3.When looking to bring on a temporary professional, be sure your office is ready to accommodate this extra individual. Be sure to have a designated workspace available, and be prepared to provide the newest staff member with an orientation to the company. 

4.After the new worker has had a chance to get settled, provide the staffing agency with feedback. This helps them, as well as yourself, to find future talent when needed. If there are any problems, notify the staffing agency at once. 

Working with a staffing agency is great if you need to hire additional help during a busy period or if you are short staffed but aren't ready to hire a full-time, permeant employee. Tatum Sherman, the owner of Resource Referral in New Jersey, can help your company find the right candidate to fill your open positions.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tatum Sherman Explains Sole Proprietorship

Tatum Sherman is the owner of Resource Referral, a staffing firm in New Jersey that has helped thousands of professionals find work that meets their skillsets. Part of Tatum Sherman’s success is due to her thorough knowledge of business, including law, and financing. Business is a complicated discipline of study with many different subjects. Ownership of a business for instance, has four different classifications, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and cooperative.

Sole proprietorship is a form of ownership of a business. It is the simplest form of business ownership. A sole proprietorship means that a business is owned and ran by a single person. Therefore, the business and the person have no legal distinction. That means that the owner is accountable directly for all of the legal and financial obligations of the business, including debt, loans, law suits, and more.

The advantage of a sole proprietorship is that the owner receives all profits the business generates, apart from taxes. The downside to this is that the owner is also completely responsible for any financial or legal issues that may arise.

It is also worth noting that a sole proprietorship classification does allow the business owner to hire employees. However, under sole proprietorship, the owner is fully responsible for any actions employees take in the service of the business. As a plus, a sole proprietorship is not subject to additional business taxation, as owner and business are considered one entity.

Part of the reason that Tatum Sherman has been so successful as an entrepreneur is her knowledge of business, the legal and financial side.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tatum Sherman - How to Be More Employable

At Resource Referral, a staffing firm in New Jersey, Tatum Sherman helps link professionals with jobs suited to their skills. Obtaining employment can be a difficult proposition. There is a lot of competition in the job market, and sometimes it can feel difficult to stand out. Thankfully, there are a few methods that can make a professional more desirable to employers, a few of which are listed here:
  • Social Aptitude: Being comfortable talking to people is not just good for your social life, but for your career as well. Whether you are interviewing, talking to management, or sitting around a work water cooler, interacting with people is necessary for nearly every job. If you can make people feel comfortable and at ease, an employer will recognize and value that.
  • Salesmanship: No matter what line of business you are in; chances are you are selling something. Salesmanship is a difficult skill to master, which is why so many employers value it. The skill is universal as well. No matter how big a business is, it is likely that they need talented salespeople pushing a service or product.
  • Coding: Computer coding is probably one of the most challenging jobs out there, it is also a necessary part of almost every business. Coding is a rare skill. If you can code websites or write computer code, you are likely to be a hiring commodity for a long time.
Tatum Sherman helps job seekers develop and define their skill sets to make them more employable, and ultimately land the right job.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tatum Sherman Explores Long-Term Unemployment

As the owner of Resource Referral, a reputable staffing firm, Tatum Sherman has been battling the unemployment rate ever since her business opened. Unemployment is a societal issue that is dealt with in both the private, and the public sector. Unemployment is a complex issue that is examined by many economists, and has a multitude of different sub-sectors. One form of unemployment that is studied closely is known as “long-term unemployment”.

Long-term unemployment is defined as a person or persons being unemployed for 27 weeks or more. Long-term unemployment is experienced in every industry, occupation, and at all levels of education. While everyone is likely to be unemployed at one point or another in their professional career, long-term unemployment is a serious issue, as it can cause substantial damage to the economy, and a professional reputation.

Long-term unemployment is a self-perpetuating problem, meaning the longer a person is unemployed, the more likely they will not be able to seek new employment. This is especially true for low and medium skill jobs, as employment history gaps play a big role in the hiring process. High skill jobs are less likely to be subject to this phenomenon because employers of high skill workers usually only factor in skill level and experience. For the majority however, long-term unemployment remains a serious issue that still needs to be addressed.

Tatum Sherman has been helping to fight back against unemployment rates. Her company Resource Referral has helped link thousands of professionals to companies in need of their skills.