Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tatum Sherman - Getting the Most Out of Your Staffing Agency

Businesses in New Jersey turn to Tatum Sherman when they are in need of filling open positions within their company. As the owner of Resource Referral, a successful staffing agency, Tatum Sherman has helped match thousands of professionals with open positions in companies throughout the area. Here are four things you can do to maximize your company’s experience with a staffing agency.'

1.When you work with a staffing agency, be sure to work with one that specializes in the type of staff you need. They often have a better idea of the candidate marketplace in your industry and area. This can help them to effectively evaluate all candidate’s experience and skills. 

2.It is important to speak with a staffing manager directly instead of relying on email. Provide them with a job description that describes the position’s responsibilities completely. This allows the recruiter to know the skills the right candidate must possess. 

3.When looking to bring on a temporary professional, be sure your office is ready to accommodate this extra individual. Be sure to have a designated workspace available, and be prepared to provide the newest staff member with an orientation to the company. 

4.After the new worker has had a chance to get settled, provide the staffing agency with feedback. This helps them, as well as yourself, to find future talent when needed. If there are any problems, notify the staffing agency at once. 

Working with a staffing agency is great if you need to hire additional help during a busy period or if you are short staffed but aren't ready to hire a full-time, permeant employee. Tatum Sherman, the owner of Resource Referral in New Jersey, can help your company find the right candidate to fill your open positions.